Meet the SPINE Board Trustees

The SPINE 2015/16 Elected Committee

  • rodger_greenwood_300

    Roger Greenwood

    — President

    Owner of Greenwood Productions. I am a life long supporter of Spine at Pinder’s and have been involved with the Stepping Stones Appeal and have filmed and documented Paralympians around the world.


    Roger has been a friend of the Spinal Injuries Centre for over 30 years. He is most well known for appearing on screens nightly on Calendar for Yorkshire Television for many years. When he left Yorkshire Television he set up his own Television Production Company called Goodwood Productions. He will be well known to SPINE Members for the excellent work he did throughout the years of the Stepping Stones Appeal. He also took television crews to follow the exploits of many of our Paralympians around the world and made insightful documentaries on the subject of Spinal Centre and the many characters within.

  • Roger Ellis Chair


    Roger Ellis

    — Chair, Elected Trustee

    I have been involved with Spinal Injuries Centre as Head Remedial Gymnast from 1975 upon qualifying to Superintendent Physiotherapist until my retirement in 2006. My career and passion for Wheelchair Athletics, has enabled me to experience numerous achievements by Paralympian’s.


    Roger Ellis served first as the Head Remedial Gymnast at the Yorkshire Regional Spinal Injuries Centre from 1975 to 1986.Following further qualification, he then became the Superintendent Physiotherapist until retirement in 2006. He is the holder of a Winston Churchill Fellowship and a Yorkshire Regional Scholarship in the rehabilitation and sport for people with disability. As a result he was appointed by Sir Ludwig Guttmann to the position of National Coach for GB Wheelchair Athletics in 1977 position he held until he was elected as British Team Manager for Wheelchair Sport. He was head-hunted by the Chartered Society in 1990 to develop his medico-legal practice due to his expertise in spinal cord injury.

  • trevor_herdman_300

    Trevor Herdman  BSc (Econ)


    — Vice Chair, Elected Trustee

    Principle Disability Advisor for Local Government, being involved at grass roots level with the setting up numerous disability services. Former Paralympian. Husband, Grandfather and Author.


    In 1972 I dived into a pool breaking my neck at C7. From 1974-77, I went to Hull University, gaining a degree in Economics. I worked in Local Governmentt for 25 years, 18 as Leeds CC’s Principal Disability Adviser. As well as policy development, I was responsible for setting up Leeds Shopmobility, a Deaf and Hearing Impaired Unit, a Braille and Large Print Unit, a Disabled Jobseekers Service and a £5m Access Budget. My Unit and I trained 3000+ staff in the Disability Discrimination Act. I was involved in sport as soon as I could get up, and made the Paralympic Shooting Team in 1984. I married the lovely Denise in 1982, have 2 step-children, 9 grand children, live in Wakefield and support Donny Rovers. I self-published my autobiography, ‘A Picture of a Dead Horse,’ in 2014.

  • kevan


    Kevan Baker OBE BSc


    — Chief Executive & Stepping Stones Director – Permanent Trustee

    Member of the mid-Yorkshire Hospital Trust Stakeholder Forum and the NHS England Spinal Cord Injury Clinical Reference Group. Former Paralympian World-Record Holder and Chairman of British Wheelchair Sports, Founder member of Spine.


    I am 56 Years old. As a result of a road traffic accident in 1979 I became a T12/L1 paraplegic. Whilst in Pinderfields I was introduced to wheelchair sport and went on to compete at 4 Paralympic Games winning medals at 2 and holding the world record for Discus on several occasions.  I have been Chairman of WheelPower – British Wheelchair Sport for 19 years. I also had a long career with Aviva Insurance as a UK Manager, but retired 4 years ago. I am married to Lynne and we have 3 children and 5 Grandchildren. I live in Tingley, Wakefield. I have been appointed to the Mid Yorkshire Hospital Trust Stakeholder Forum and also the NHS England Spinal Cord Injury Clinical Reference Group in England. I was one of the founder members of SPINE.

  • louisa_600


    Louisa Tempest


    — Elected Trustee

    Volunteer member of SIA. Currently studying for a BSC in Geography from the University of Birmingham. Very passionate about assisting spinal cord patients, I enjoyed getting out and about hoping to plan and achieve adventures to foreign countries.


    My name is Louisa Tempest and I’m 23 years old. I broke my neck in October 2010 on a night out with some friends, and consequently have a spinal cord injury at C5/6. I was at Pinderfields spinal unit for eight months, and after discharge returned back to my hometown of Hebden Bridge. I’m currently just finishing my degree for a BSc in Geography from the University of Birmingham, which I will finally complete in August. In my spare time I volunteer with Pete Hanley (SIA) on Tuesday afternoons where I go around the spinal unit talking to new patients about their injuries, experiences, and concerns that they may have, and therefore can bring this information to other committee members of SPINE. Other than that, I enjoy getting out and about as much as I can, and at present I’m planning a three-week adventure to Canada. I very much enjoy being on the committee of SPINE as I’m passionate about trying to make spinal rehab from our unit the best that it can possibly be. Thanks very much, Lou.

  • david_garbiak_300


    David Garbiak BA FCCA


    — Treasurer, Permanent Trustee

    I am a qualified accountant and worked in industry for a variety of companies, large and small, in engineering, moulding and construction..


    Unusually for someone with an SCI, I walked into A & E and only then became paralysed. This was on 29th November 2012 when I was 57 years old.

    My wife, Sue, has been a fantastic support all through my SCI. We have been married for 34 years now. We have two sons, both in their twenties, of whom we are very proud.

    I am a qualified accountant and worked in industry for a variety of companies, large and small, in engineering, moulding and construction.

    My interest in music led me to do a BA degree when I was in my forties. Having attended Arts@Pinders, I have now taken up painting as a hobby. I believe it’s never too late to try something new.

    I was on the ward at Pinderfields Spinal Unit for 4 months. I don’t know how anyone could fail to be impressed by the dedication, commitment and compassion of the staff there. I joined SPINE hopefully to give something back.


  • Nicola Hatfield pic

    Nicola Hatfield


    — SPINE Secretary – Permanent Member

    Nicola is married with two children and for many years was the Spinal Injuries Centre Secretary. She was involved in the setting up of SPINE.  She has now moved on in Pinderfields but is still extremely keen to work with SPINE.


    I live in Brighouse with my 2 sons 20 & 24.  I have worked in care for a number of years and previously with the Out of Hours GP service.  I currently have a support work role with a client who is an amputee, after losing her leg in a motor bike accident.  Two years ago I started in a caring role for Carol Ramm which has got me very closely involved with events and meetings on the spinal unit.

  • Kev Plowman pic

    Kevin Plowman


    — Elected Trustee

    Sport has always been my passion and this did not change following a serious mountaineering accident that left me paralysed. Since then I took up Wheelchair tennis winning the national doubles title three times and representing Great Britain at the Athens Paralympics. I was the first wheelchair player to play at Wimbledon in 2001. Wheelchair tennis took me around the world and I have played in some wonderful places.

    More recently I have taken table tennis more seriously competing in the top non-disabled local leagues and winning the national wheelchair singles title.

    Following a career in insurance I am now semi-retired. Eighteen months ago I took on the role of Physical Activity Advisor for WheelPower and I am at Pinderfields every Wednesday encouraging spinal cord injured patients to stay or become active to both help with their rehabilitation and to stay healthy in their new lives.

  • carol_ramm_300

    Carol Ramm


    — Stepping Stones Director – Elected Trustee

    I work for the NHS and volunteer at the Spinal Injuries Unit, Mother and Grandmother, passionate about assisting other spinal cord patients. Active member with K.I.T.S. Group,


    Carol Ramm – Prior to a Road Traffic Accident in 1974 which left me C6/7 complete quadriplegic I was working for National Westminster Bank.   After 9 months in Pinderfields Spinal Unit  I went home to begin my new life on wheels.  Three years after my accident I married my boyfriend of 5 years and we became parents to a wonderful son who is now 33 and a Daddy himself to my adorable 5 year old grand-daughter Eleanor.  When my son was 3 years old his Daddy left our marriage and I was left to bring my son up on my own with the help of my mum.  Learning to drive a car was a big achievement in my life as when my son started school I took myself off to college to learn computing which then led me back into the workplace.  My first job was at Ikea (junction 27) in security then after 2 years I moved on to work for the NHS where I have been for the past 16 years.  I work voluntary at the spinal unit alongside wonderful ex-patients and staff.  I have been a member of the Stepping Stones Appeal since 1990 and actively involved with the K.I.T.S. (keep in touch) group which meets every month at the unit for a chat and a cuppa.

  • jon_clayton_300

    Jon Clayton


    — arts@pinders – Elected Trustee

    Self taught mouth artist and member of Wordwide Association of M.F.P.A. very dedicated to assisting others, gained a large portfolio of bespoke specialised equipment over the years and willing to share with others.


    My name is Jon Clayton. I am 53 years old. I was involved in a motorbike accident when I was 17 in 1978, resulting in a spinal injury C4/5  complete. I am a self-taught mouth artist, and am a student member of the worldwide Mouth and Foot Painting Artists. I live on my own in Bottesford, Scunthorpe with the aid of two Personal Assistants.  I have developed a large portfolio of adaptations that assist with my daily living including specialised art equipment in my studio at home. Also I have a designed and had purposely built a motor home which has all my daily equipment built in to enable me to travel independently.

    I would like to share my adaptations and ideas with those people who have similar needs to myself, also my experiences and knowledge of living and managing with a high lesion disability over the last 35 years.

  • Marie_harrison_300

    Marie Harrison


    — Elected Trustee

    Independent Mother. Interested in wheelchair sports and passionate about experiencing the great outdoors with my mountain trike. Since living with a disability I have experienced many positive and life changing things and through these I want to assist others.


    My name is Marie Harrison.  I am 40 years old and I have a T7 complete SCI.  I received my injury in August 2012.  Since going to the inter-spinal unit games in April 2014 at Stoke Mandeville I have been inspired to have something at Pinderfields that can be of benefit to all patients whether they be new or old school to SCI. 

    I feel my life has changed in many positive ways through the wonderful and inspirational people I have met on the spinal unit and I feel that we all have something to offer in order to help with the trauma that can be SCI.

    The wonderful care and support I received during my stay on the unit makes me want to give something back because I really don’t know how I would have got through those first few months of living with my SCI without the team that make Pinderfields Spinal Unit.

  • Joyce Harrow pic

    Joyce Harrow


    — flowers@pinders – Elected Trustee



    Spinal injury C7/T1

    Now living in an adapted bungalow in Grange Moor. I was a self-employed haulage contractor for approximately 20 years but unfortunately on 5th January 1998 I fell of a truck and broke my neck. My stay in Pinderfields was 9 months bulk of which was rehabilitation.

    I am now divorced and keep busy going out to shows and Sunday lunches with family and friends. My brain is kept active going to The Disabled People’s Electronic Village Hall in Dewsbury Town Hall where I am an active committee member and treasurer. I was asked to build and maintain a website for SPINE which I enjoy doing and puts into practice what I have learned at The DP-EVH.

  • John Hodson

     — Nursing Representative

    My name is John Hodson, I have been a registered nurse since 2001 and worked on the Spinal Injuries Centre since 2002, I have a diploma and degree in Nursing Studies from the university of Huddersfield. I am currently one of the ward Band 6’s. I have an interest in research and education and I am also the link nurse for diabetes and blood transfusion.

    Outside of work I have four small children but I do like to escape cycling when I can.

  • richard_caley_300

    Richard Caley BSc, MSc, CSsi, MIPEM


    — Clinical Scientist – Elected Trustee

    Professional Clinical Scientist, with specialist knowledge in Rehabilitation Technology and Physiological Measurement. Amateur Musician and Composer.


    As a professional Clinical Scientist I have specialist knowledge in rehabilitation engineering, electronic assistive technology and physiological measurement. This knowledge provides the skills with which I assess patients for specialist wheelchair controls, telecare and telemedicine technology. My expertise in electronic assistive technology enables me to professionally recommend, manage and support environmental control systems, communication aids, computer access technology, and rehabilitation engineering solutions to patients with severe movement and cognitive impairment. As a medico-legal expert I feel privileged to play an important role in restoring quality of life for clients with serious trauma injury.


    In my NHS role I work alongside Consultants in Neurosciences, Rehabilitation, Spinal Injuries and Burns, providing technological solutions to meet the needs of patients with severe physical and neurological disorders. I am a recognised authority in rehabilitation and assistive technology, and have chaired IPEM’s Special Interest Group in Rehabilitation and Biomechanical Engineering. I am also on the committee of the Yorkshire Acquired Brain Injury Forum, an organisation which aims to promote awareness and understanding of all aspects of acquired brain injury through education and information.


    I am a Chartered Clinical Scientist registered with the Health Professionals Council1, and a Corporate Member of the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM). I have over 25 years’ professional experience working in an acute hospital with regional specialties in Spinal Injury, Burns and the Neurosciences.

  • wajid_raza_300

    Mr Wajid A. Raza MBBS, BSc, FRCS (Glasgow)


    — Spinal Injuries Consultant, Medical Adviser, Permanent Member

    I joined Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust in 2008 as Consultant Surgeon in Spinal Injuries. I have had a long association with the Yorkshire Regional Spinal Injuries Centre since 1998.

    As Associate Specialist before going for my training in Rehabilitation Medicine at West Midlands Deanery between 2004 and 2008.

    After successfully completing my training I have attained the European standard in physical and rehabilitation medicine certification.
    Prior to coming to the UK, I was formally trained in Medicine from Punjab Medical College Faisalabad. Having completed undergraduate training I gained useful experience in various surgical specialities including Neurosurgery.
    I was introduce to spinal injuries while working in neurosurgery and I was instantly drawn towards it mainly because of the multidisciplinary participation which included persons with spinal cord injury.
    Having worked in different spinal injury centres across the UK, I have been able to bring flair of their expert management to the already existing goal orientated and structured rehabilitation programme at Yorkshire Regional Spinal Injury Centre.
    As a direct result of having obtained a Master of Science in pain management from University of Leicester I am involved in organising an effective functional pain clinic using various interventions.
    I have vast experience in assessing and management of focal and regional spasticity using Botulinum Toxin and pharmacotherapy including Intrathecal Baclofen Pump implantation
    Having been trained and my long association of people with spinal cord injury I have seen the patients’ power in greater participation and making changes.

  • Daniel Herman StewartsLaw

    Daniel Herman


    Honorary Legal Adviser, Permanent Member


  • FionaDixonpic

    Fiona Dixon


    – Therapy Representative, Permanent Member

    Fiona Dixon is a Senior physiotherapist registered with the health professional council (HPC) & the chartered society of physiotherapy (CSP).

    Fiona qualified as a physiotherapist in 2005 from leeds metropolitan university, prior to this she gained a BSc Hons in sports Medicine from the University of Glasgow. She has worked as a rotational physiotherapist for 5 years before becoming a static member of staff on the Spinal Injury Center. She is a member of the Multidisciplinary Association of Spinal Cord Injury Professionals (MASCIP) & Spinal Injuries Associations (SIA). I have also assisted on an SIA moving & handling course in 2014.
    During my time on the unit I have worked with clients with differing levels of injury & needs & in the areas of inpatients, outpatients, liaison & also in hydrotherapy & helped to develop groups & sports activities. I have also attended the inter spinal unit Games 2013 & hope that we can continue to promote sport & recreational opportunities for our clients.
    I am looking forward to further developing my skills & knowledge & to use them to help develop our service in the future.  My husband is also a physio and has recently secured a permanent position on our unit also.