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S.U.R.F. What is it?

We are a voluntary organisation that raises money to benefit the patients on the spinal unit at the Yorkshire Regional Spinal Injuries Centre, Pinderfields hospital, Wakefield WF1 4DG

S.U.R.F. Who are we?

We are ex – patients and nursing staff, who are, or havebeen associated with the spinal unit.

We have an an in depth knowledge and understanding of the welfare and care needs of those who have suffered a spinal cord injury.

S.U.R.F. How do we raise funds?

We participate in many various fund raising activities including car boots sales, bag packs, sponsored runs, bequests and donations etc..

We are open to learning new ways of raising funds, please contact the members of S.U.R.F. if you have any suggestions.

How do the patients benefit?

Our patients are often in the unit for many months.

To break the monotony and provide some variation to their hospital stay we organise various trips and activities for the patients i.e. – visits to the cinema, a group meal at a local restaurants, day excursions to places of interest such as Bridlington, a night at the greyhounds stadium, Xmas shopping, Christmas lights etc.

Feedback from our many patients who have taken advantage of the various activities / events is extremely positive. It can be a real boost to a patients confidence to venture out in a group of similarly disabled people. Being newly injured or affected by a spinal injury is challenging in so many ways. Often the first time patients venture out of hospital since their spinal cord injury is with S.U.R.F. The benefit to a patients welfare is insurmountable.

S.U.R.F. So what else do you do?

We also purchase equipment the patients might need whilst staying in the unit. Items for entertainment or manual dexterity development such as televisions, DVD players, computers, games etc.

We also purchase clothes for patients who are not able to afford items for themselves..

S.U.R.F.   How much money does S.U.R.F need to raise?

Outings now vary from £400 – £1200 per event.

ALL in-patients & assisting staff go free on the outings.

Costs can include contributing to subsidise meals, hydration and hiring specially adapted transport.

The transport and fuel are usually the costliest

Out-patients are also invited to our events / outings. Out-patients are asked to make a small donation if appropriate to assist with costs.

Members of staff from Pinderfields Spinal Unit give up there own free time or holiday entitlement so that they accompany patients on these varied events.

A requirement to have suitably trained professionals accompanying patients is a requirement to ensure all duty of care criteria is fully met.

S.U.R.F also provides a wheelchair accessible vehicle, enabling in-patients family and friends to transport the patients on various outings such as home visits where possible, trips to the pub or restaurant and local amenities such as shopping centres or parks.

The vehicle was donated to the spinal injuries centre by an ex-patients (Alex Williams) family when he sadly passed away.

The vehicle is administered and maintained by SURF although belonging to the Barbara Bus Fund

Fuel costs are paid by the users of the vehicle.

How can you help S.U.R.F.?

You can help by kindly volunteering your free time to helpat any of our functions or by raising funds for ourorganisation yourselves.

You can also share our gofundme link to spread the word about what we do and promote fund raising.

To share the link simply copy and paste the following link:

Does S.U.R.F. accept donations?

Yes, we accept any donations of cash, cheques, gifts orprizes for tombola’s or other fund raising events i.e. bottles of wines, spirits, chocolates etc.

Please contact Peter Hanley to arrange in person donations or to arrange the handing over of items that can be used as prizes for our fund raising activities.

S.U.R.F   Supporting patients with the opportunity for recreation.


S.U.R.F. thanks Ritch Partridge

(Graphic designer) for the kind donation of his services and design of the new S.U.R.F  logo.


On 5th June S.U.R.F.s Rebecca Hopkinson & Wayne Cunningham attended a presentation night hosted by the West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service (WYFRS). On the night S.U.R.F. was presented with a donation of £400.00

S.U.R.F. thanks the WYFRS for their wonderful donation.

SURF Wayne Rebecca 02SURF Wayne Rebecca 01

Bag packing reaps wonderful results!

S.U.R.F volunteers attended ASDA at Glass Houghton in May to carry out a bag packing fund raiser. The event was hugely successful, raising a staggering £1262.32p.

Many thanks to our hosts at ASDA Glass Houghton and to everyone who came to support the event.

Events 2015.

Thursday 25th June     Mobility Roadshow at Donnington Park. 
Saturday 11th July PARC / SURF @ Re-union DinnerAt the ROYAL ARMOURIESEveryone welcome 6.30pm-11pm, ticketed event by prior arrangement.
August BBQ – Details to be arranged. 
September 15th S.U.R.F. is organising a day out to the Yorkshire coast. Details to be arranged. 
Friday 9th October Greyhound racing at Kinsley Greyhound track.Included a 4 course meal, arrive at 6pm, first race at 6.30pm. 
Tuesday 8th December Christmas shopping trip followed by a festive evening meal at Stanley Ferry.

If you are interested in attending any of these popular events then please contact any of the following people –

Alison Day or Rebecca Hopkinson (staff at Pinderfields Spinal Unit.

Peter Hanley on 01924 781492 or 

contact Peter Hanley

 Wayne Cunningham 01977700090 or 

contact Wayne Cunningham