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SPINE Newsletter October 2017

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PPFC – A TributeYorkshire Lions Award Winners, Art@Pinders Tour The Hepworth, Stacy’s Year of Hell – What a Hell of a Year!, Snooker Table, Grants, Concept E Rowing Machine, Flowers@Pinders, AGM Trustees Elected, Contact Us

Lions ROAR Into New Season!

Photo of Lions Team

We are delighted to tell you that our own Yorkshire Lions organised the first wheelchair rugby tournament, Yorkshire Bash, on 26 August. Teams attended from Glasgow (Caledonian Crushers) and Liverpool (Liverpool RGC). Both of these Teams are in Division Two along with  our Team.

Our Lions played valiantly and ultimately triumphed to be overall winner and remained unbeaten throughout, winning them their first trophy!

Photo of Yorkshire Bash Trophy

The scores were:

Lions 37 Crushers 31, Lions 39 Liverpool 37,
Lions 30 Crushers 17, (shortened round 2 games)
Lions 24 Liverpool 22, (shortened round 2 games)

This was followed by a magnificent weekend at the first National League Division 2 Super Series at Stoke Mandeville. Overall Lions now sit 3rd in the Division with all to play for in the next 2 Super Series events (October and February). Lions finished 6th overall last season so the progress they are making is obvious. The scores were:

Saturday Pool Games

Lions 48 Hawks 46
Lions 54 Ospreys 25
Lions 72 Maulers 28


Lions 50 Crushers 52 (2 periods of extra time)
Lions 70 Hawks 32 (3rd/4th play off game)



PPFC – A Tribute

What became known nationally as the Pinderfields Paraplegic Fellowship Club has, after more than fifty-years closed its doors. PPFC was founded by Remedial Gymnast Maurice Smart when appointed to the newly formed Spinal Injuries Unit in the early 1950’s. When other centres were developing around the country he served to pioneer sporting activities as a means of rehabilitation. The weekly programme included basketball, archery, fencing, table tennis and field athletics. Through the inspiration of Sir Ludwig Guttmann at Stoke Mandeville regional sports days and National Games developed, leading to the Paralympic and World Games we know today.

Photo of Maurice Smart taking patients in a basketball game


​Pinderfields became a forerunner of this world development and as the story goes – told to me by Maurice. When he suggested to his patients they were to enter the National Games in 1955 the response was, don’t be so daft! But, take part they did and with outstanding results in the years that followed.

Photo of first Pinderfields team to attend the national games

Pinderfields as we see from the Wall of Fame have competed at every Paralympic and World Games to date and recognition for this must go to the diligence of PPFC. In 2015 with the developing world of multidisabled sport, PPFC now under the Chair of Miss Pauline Betteridge took the decision to change the name to Pinderfields Disability Sport, thus encouraging other groups to participate. Much credit goes to Pauline and Sally Hall for maintaining what has been an iconic sports movement in the north. Pauline wishes to add, “The Club would not have thrived and continued as long as it did without the time and effort of many volunteers, too many to name but they will know who they are”.

​SPINE will now hold the mantle of responsibility for sports development and look to it being just as successful over the next fifty-years as PPFC has been throughout the previous half century.

Roger Ellis, Chair of SPINE



Yorkshire Lions Awards Winners

Yorkshire Lions were pleased to give Awards at their Annual Awards Evening on Saturday 2 September. Many congratulations to these deserved recipients. The awards went to:

Photo of Jan Spencer, Lions volunteer of the year

Volunteer of the Year Jan Spencer

Lions players player of the year Jamie Shaw

P;ayers Player of the Year Jamie Shaw

Lions most improved player of the year Byron White

Most Improved Player Byron White

Lions most valuable player of the year Graeme Spence

Most Valuable Player of the Year Graeme Spence



Art@Pinders Tour The Hepworth 

On Monday 11 September the Art@Pinders Group had a great afternoon getting out of the studio (the Spinal Unit Dinning Room) to have a guided tour around The Hepworth Wakefield. Our guide, Francesca Mitchell, really brought the artworks to life. She explained the differences between Henry Moore’s technique and Barbara Hepworth using the the pieces in the photo, Moore’s ‘Reclining Figure 1936’ and Hepworth’s ‘Two Forms in White.We are lucky to have, arguably, the two most famous sculptors from our area; Moore hailing from Castleford and Hepworth from Wakefield.

Photo of Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth's sculptures

The real benefit of having a guide was demonstrated when we moved onto the Howard Hodgkin: Painting India Exhibition. Francesca described Hodgkin’s love of India and how he interpreted it in his paintings. Often using boards rather then canvases, he would regularly return to his works and paint over them again and again. What could be dismissed as daubs of paint were now seen through the artists eyes. Take the picture in the photo on the below. Carol Ramm is studying Hodgkin’s ‘Mrs Acton in Delhi’ which shows Mrs Acton reclining on the left of the picture with a typical Indian sunset in the background. It was a real treat for anyone with an interest in art. Thanks to Dave Wilders for organising it. The Hepworth is fully accessible with good disabled parking with ramped access to the main entrance and accessible toilets.

Carol Ramm viewing Howard Hodgkin's painting

In complete contrast we will be visiting The National Coal Mining Museum, at Overton, on 16 October. Back in the studio we are tackling the challenging task of life drawing and studying the human form. Don’t think you draw or paint? Come and join us and discover your hidden talents. We meet every Monday, 2-4pm. Trevor Herdman.



Stacy’s Year of Hell – What a Hell of a Year! 

When I decided to take this year on, I was going through a lot mentally; twice weekly visits from Hull to Pinderfields to visit my mum, full time job etc. I barely had time for myself. Once I signed up for running events I HAD to make time for myself. It started off with two or three half hour runs a week, then after a few weeks I increased it to 45 mins then to an hour and so on. I found myself less stressed, my confidence was growing and I was sleeping better.

Stacy Mowforth running

During my first run in April all I had in my head was, “What have a I done, I can’t do this,” but when I saw my mum at the finish line with tears in her eyes it made it worth while. My biggest achievement was the Humber Half Marathon. It was the hardest thing I had ever done in my life. I cried as I crossed the finishing line. I was a former 20 stone girl therefore doing something like this year is unbelievable to me.

I am still collecting sponsorship and so far have raised well over £700 for SPINE, which I’m hoping to hand over at the Gala Dinner. This year has given me a love for running, so much so that I have joined a local running club and although I couldn’t take part in this years Hull Marathon, I fully intend to conquer it next year with proceeds going to SPINE again. Thank you to everyone for their continued support and kind wishes. Stacy Mowforth.



Snooker Table 

The Spinal Unit have taken delivery of a snooker table. This is a very kind gift from World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association via WheelPower (British Wheelchair Sport). Every spinal centre has been given a table to promote snooker. Sam Smythson won the first ‘all-patient’ knock out event.

snooker table




There’s still time to apply to the SPINE Small Grants Fund. We’ve two Grants Panel meetings before the end of the year, Monday 30 October and Monday 4 December. Full members can apply for anything that improves their lives but cannot afford. Our maximum grant is £1500 and we have a list of other charities that may be able to help if this is not enough. Pictured is Simon Berry, whom we contributed towards the cost of his Tennis Wheelchair. He’s already making an impact on the game having recently won a tournament in Leeds. Congratulations Simon! Not all grants are for wheelchairs. At our last meeting we approved an application for house adaptations to make it more accessible. A new addition to the criteria is that members who have successfully been awarded a grant for ongoing costs can apply for up to £500 for the following two years.

Simon Berry in his tennis chair



Concept 2 E Rowing Machine

On 9 August the Physiotherapy Team took delivery of a Concept 2 E Rowing Machine. Kevin Plowman has also sourced an ‘Adapt 2 Row’ seat from British Rowing which enables Spinal Cord Injured to use the kit. SPINE is paying for two months rental with a view to asking Stepping Stones to purchase the Rower if it proves useful for rehabilitation.




After breaking her leg, we are pleased to let you know that Joyce Harrow is back in action and running the Flowers@Pinders Group every Monday, 2-4pm, in the Spinal Unit Dining Room.



AGM Trustees Elected 

The SPINE AGM was held on 11 July and, as there were only five nominations for the five available places on the Board, there was no election this year. All five were unanimously voted onto the board. They are, Roger Ellis, Trevor Herdman, Louisa Tempest, Richard Caley and Nicola Cundall. Following the AGM the Board met and elected Roger as Chair and Trevor Vice-Chair. Thanks from all Board Trustees to Marie Harrison who decided not to stand again.



Contact Us 

SPINE Members can be either Pinderfields Spinal Patients, Family of Patients,  or Staff on the Centre. Associate Membership is also available. Membership is FREE. For those who want to join SPINE, or find out more about us contact:

Kevan Baker OBE, SPINE CEO:

Tel Office – 01924 546114 

Or sign up at our website:
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