Pressure sores must be taken seriously, if left unchecked, a pressure sore can lead to amputation or in the worst case death. Even when well cared for, a pressure sore can still become infected.

In those with spinal cord injuries and other conditions associated with a loss of mobility and a loss of sensation, the individual may not be able to move to relieve the pressure and may not even be aware that a part of the body is under duress.

The term pressure sores is perhaps more useful than bed sores, since it includes injuries caused by being in bed as well as those that result from sitting in a wheelchair. Sores can appear from something as simple as tight fitting shoes, to too many heavy blankets on the bed. You must be vigilant and aware of anything which could possibly lead to a breakdown of the skin. Make it a habit to check the skin every day. Any red marks should be treat as a potential threat