SPINE was formed in 2011 following a successful campaign stopping Mid Yorks NHS Trust from closing the Yorkshire Regional Spinal Injuries Centre, Wakefield. We have quickly become the model for patient advocacy and in 2015 became a Registered Charity. The majority of our Trustees must be spinal injuries. We aim to:

  • Provide a means of communicating to SCI Patients and Associated Members who wish to receive updates and news of Spinal Injury Centre related information.
  • Maintain good links and relationships with Mid Yorkshire Hospital Trust Management.
  • Maintain good links and relationships with the Mid Yorkshire Hospital Trust Patient Experience activities.
  • Provide assistance to Spinal Injury Centre Management on the Business Planning of the Centre from a Patient perspective.
  • Provide assistance to the Spinal Injury Centre on the effective delivery of Sport, Recreational advice and Physical Activity for All Patients, including ‘out of hours activities’. Including the requisite Risk and Health & Safety analysis. NB – Under Mid Yorkshire Hospital Trust Guidelines.
  • Assistance to the Spinal Injury Centre on any ‘outside of Centre’ recreational activities. With the requisite Risk & Health & Safety analysis. NB – Under the Mid Yorkshire Hospital Trust Guidelines.
  • Manage clear and accurate information to enable Stepping Stones Ltd to make decisions on the purchase of Spinal Injury Centre specific equipment.
  • Establish and maintain good links with any organisations who actively support the needs of SCI (e.g. Aspire, BackUp, WheelPower, Spinal Injuries Association etc)
  • Establish and maintain good links with all Spinal Injury Centres in Great Britain and abroad.

Our Achievements

Revamp our Dining Room

If you have visited our Spinal Injuries Centre at Pinderfields then you couldn’t help noticing the inspirational wall decorations in our Patient Dining Room. SPINE worked for 2 years to research our Pinders Paralympians over the decades to bring to you a wall dedicated to their successes (The room was officially opened on 22nd September 2014 by Sir Philip Craven, President of the International Paralympic Committee and Jules Preston MBE, Chair of the Mid Yorkshire Hospital Trust) . Another wall displays the 18 Summer Paralympic Sports that wheelchair athletes compete in (there are further sports but entry is not permissible to wheelchair athletes – such a Blind Events). A further wall shows inspirational quotes, with the boldest being ‘I am not what happened to me but what I choose to become’. We hope that this becomes a motto for our Patients. Please take some time to visit and have a look.

Set up arts@pinders

One of the first activities that SPINE established was arts@pinders, a regular Monday afternoon group who like to draw, paint, craft. Activities are arranged over 4 week cycles, so that in-patients and ex-patients alike can be introduced to a variety of skills. Typical offers have been, Fimo, glass painting and silk painting. Our expert tutors Jon Clayton and David Wilders are ex-patients and are accomplished artists themselves, they are often assisted by experts such as, David Cawthorne, who is an experienced silt painter. The arts@pinders group is sponsored by Coloplast who have supported this activity since it began. Go along and have a go (every Monday from 2pm – 4pm in the Dining Room).